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The most capable, agile and dynamic middleweight adventure bikes available.

In a world where people value experiences as much as they do acquisitions, the Tiger 900 is a bike with the capability, the engine, the chassis, the technology and the aggressive adventure style to give you the freedom to realise whatever riding adventures you wish to embark upon.

Significantly lighter than its closest competition, with an incredible standard of specification, the Tiger 900 line-up sets a benchmark as the most capable, agile and dynamic middleweight adventure motorcycles available. Here’s why you need to test ride one now!




Tiger 900 Rally Pro


Do you want a powerful adventure motorcycle with all the road-going technology, capability and comfort you’ll ever need?  Then the Tiger 900 GT is perfectly set up for your needs.  Or do you want all that plus the added off-road capability to negotiate even the most extreme adventures with confidence?  If so, the Tiger 900 Rally range is the perfect choice for you.

The Tiger 900 GT - Built for maximum urban adventure, proper long distance travel and everything in between, the GT range has all the performance, equipment and technology to approach every ride with confidence and excitement.

The Tiger 900 Rally - Our most advanced dual-purpose motorbikes, built for maximum off-road adventure and all-day riding capability, control and comfort, the Tiger 900 Rally range sets a benchmark for handling, specification and style.



A larger capacity Euro 5 compliant 900cc triple engine brings improved performance to the Tiger 900.  Firing order has been incorporated for a more engaged Tiger riding experience giving up to 9% more power across the rev range and a high overall peak power of 95PS @ 8,750 rpm, plus 10% more peak torque than the Tiger 800 predecessor. The Tiger 900’s T-plane triple crank and 1,3,2 firing order has improved the character, off-road feel and on road performance of the engine and gives a more aggressive and engaging T-plane triple soundtrack with a more distinctive triple bark.

There’s also enhanced cooling performance from twin radiator set-up which improves air-flow management to reduce the ambient heat levels felt by the rider and reduce the volume of coolant.  For added convenience, the Tiger 900 range has a more easily accessible air filter.


Maximum agility and capability with exceptional handling – The Tiger 900 is lighter overall by up to 5kg. The combination of lightweight modular frame, lighter weight engine, high specification suspension and premium category-leading Brembo brakes delivers a step change in agility and capability, ensuring exceptional handling in all riding scenarios.  Each Tiger 900’s centre of gravity has been revised, moving 40mm forwards and 20mm down compared with the predecessor 800 to deliver an enhanced weight distribution between the front and rear wheel and better low speed balance in all riding scenarios, all while maintaining the Tigers’ excellent ground clearance.

Improved ergonomics – Narrower stand-over width improves rider comfort, particularly when stop-start riding.  Handlebars are now 10mm closer to the rider giving a more comfortable upright riding position, and dedicated footrest positions for each Tiger 900 model are optimised for the style of riding. 

Adjustable seat height – All models feature a built-in easily adjustable two-position seat height mechanism which enables the rider to change the seat height by 20mm to their preferred set-up.  The Tiger 900, Tiger 900 GT and Tiger 900 GT Pro have an 820 – 840mm seat height, the Tiger 900 Rally and Tiger 900 Rally Pro have an 860 – 880mm seat height, and the Tiger 900 GT Low Ride Height version has a 770 – 790mm seat height.





Close-up of Tiger 900 Rally Pro Brembo Brakes


Tiger 900 and Tiger 900 GT - The models have a tailored suspension set-up developed to deliver a benchmark-setting ride for the entire middleweight adventure segment.

The 900 and GT models have Marzocchi 45mm upside-down cartridge front forks that deliver 180mm wheel travel. On the GT and GT Pro models, these have manually adjustable compression and rebound damping.

The Rear Suspension Unit delivers 170mm wheel travel, and is manually adjustable for preload and rebound damping on the GT model.

The top spec GT Pro RSU features electronically adjustable suspension set-up, developed in collaboration with Marzocchi.

Tiger 900 Rally - To reflect the advanced off-road performance of the Tiger 900 Rally range, the ultimate in suspension capability is delivered by a Showa suspension set-up.

Both Rally models have 45mm Showa upside down cartridge forks with manual adjustment of preload, rebound and compression damping, and 240mm wheel travel. On the rear there is a gas pressurised RSU, adjustable for preload and rebound damping, with 230mm rear wheel travel.

All the bikes in the Tiger 900 line-up feature a category-leading brakes set-up with top spec road-going Brembo Stylema® brakes. These are Brembo’s highest performing, lightweight, compact, and carefully-sculpted calipers. The reduced volume around the pistons and brake pads reduces the internal space occupied by brake fluid to deliver a more immediate response, and the increased airflow around the brake pads help the calipers cool quicker for even better performance.


A host of technology innovations have been included on this Tiger 900 range of motorcycles.  

The mid- and top-spec Tiger 900 GT and Rally models feature full-colour 7” TFT instruments which display comprehensive ride information, plus optimised cornering ABS and traction control for a better ride feel.  The range offers up to six riding modes to tailor your ride depending on your riding needs and core technology for all GT and Rally models is set at a high level, including all-LED lighting, heated grips, cruise control, handguards, and secure mobile phone storage with charging.

Top spec technology for the GT Pro and Rally Pro models includes the integrated My Triumph connectivity system with Bluetooth® module fitted as standard that enables phone call, music operation, turn-by-turn navigation and GoPro control via the switchcubes and displayed on the TFT instruments. There is also Triumph Shift Assist that allows up and down gear changes without the use of the clutch, and Tyre Pressure Monitoring System for added rider safety and convenience.  In addition, heated rider and pillion seats, and LED fog lights are fitted as standard.




As well as design, the Tigers’ premium bodywork reflects revised finishes and cleaner lines that give the Tiger 900 a more distinctive and dominant adventure stance, with each model having enhanced details and touches that amplify their dual road and off-road bias.

Emphasising its all-road capability and lightweight agile set-up, the Tiger 900 has a narrow stand over width and is designed with a lighter front-end, reduced bodywork scale and a more dominantly styled fuel tank and lighter weight frame.





Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro


Add to your adventure with two inspiration kits and over 65 genuine Triumph accessories designed to enhance your Tiger 900’s practicality, comfort, performance and style, including an all range of luggage and protection accessories. The Trekker inspiration kit brings together a superb choice of luggage and touring adventure accessories that are perfect for the Tiger 900 GT range, while the Expedition inspiration kit showcases the incredible off-road capability of the Tiger 900 Rally range.



All Tiger 900 GT and Rally motorcycles can be adapted to comply with A2 licence regulations with a dealer-fitted A2 compliance kit that incorporates a dedicated APS twist grip and engine tune and restricts power to 35kW/47bhp. Full power can be easily reinstated by the dealer as required.


The Tiger 900 GT model is also available in an even more accessible Low Ride Height version. A host of interrelated design features including dedicated forks and RSU and a uniquely tuned suspension set-up have enabled a seat height that is 50mm lower than the Tiger 900 standard. As with all Tiger 900 bikes, this model has a built-in 20mm seat height adjustment which means the Tiger 900 GT LRH seat height range is 760 – 780mm instead of the standard 810 – 830mm.


If you’re considering a top spec Tiger 900 ride, these are the additional ‘Pro’ features you’ll enjoy.

Tiger 900 GT Pro Features –  Electronically controlled Rear Suspension Unit which allows the rider to set the rear suspension preload and damping via the TFT instruments, with four preload settings (‘Rider’, ‘Rider & Luggage’, ‘Rider & Pillion’, and ‘Rider & Luggage & Pillion’). This can be combined with nine different damping levels to find the perfect combination for your riding adventures. Unique to the top spec Pro, Triumph Shift Assist enables smooth and comfortable up and down clutchless gear changes.

There’s also a fifth riding mode, so as well as GT-standard Road, Rain, Off-Road and Sport modes, the GT Pro has an extremely useful Rider-Programmable mode to precisely tailor the bike’s set up to your riding needs.  Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) alerts the rider if tyre pressure falls below optimum levels and is a standard feature on the top spec Tiger 900 GT Pro. Additionally, the integrated My Triumph connectivity system is a standard feature which enables phone, GoPro and GPS use, while heated rider and pillion seats maximise comfort, and illuminated switches provide an extra-fine style and capability enhancement.

Tiger 900 Rally Pro Features – Unique to the top spec Pro models, the Triumph Shift Assist ensures smooth comfortable changes with up and down clutchless gear changes.

While the Rally model has four riding modes (Road, Rain, Off-Road and Sport), the Rally Pro has two additional riding modes – Rider-Programmable and Off-Road Pro – which deliver a precision riding set-up for even more extreme off-road riding and advanced adventure capability. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) alerts the rider if tyre pressure falls below optimum levels and is a standard feature on the top spec Tiger 900 Rally Pro. To complete your top spec Tiger 900 ride, the Rally Pro features the integrated My Triumph connectivity system, heated rider and pillion seats, and innovative backlit switches, for an extra premium ride.




Tiger 900 GT Low


Price From ₱1,010,000.00

Tiger 900 GT pro in Caspian blue


Price From ₱1,160,000.00

Matt Khaki Tiger 900 Rally Pro RHS CGI


Price From ₱1,170,000.00